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Veterinarians perform an ultrasound test on a dog in May at a pet hospital in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Provided to CHINA DAILY

More people born between 1980 and 1989 are remaining single compared to those who are 10 years older when they were at the same age, a survey released on Tuesday showed.
本星期一公布的壹份实验研讨展现,相比七零后们,近来越来越多的捌零后(出生于 一九七玖 至 一玖八七 年间)维持着单身状态。

According to the research, 86 percent of current pet parents surveyed said owning pets helps them stick to a routine, better manage their time, and more efficiently multitask. But even if you don't think your pet has directly helped you, your coworkers' knowledge that you have a pet may actually be beneficial for your career. In fact, 80 percent of people surveyed said they "feel more connected to colleagues who are pet owners," and 79 percent of those surveyed believe that fellow co-workers who have pets are "hard workers."

He said that veterinary medicine schools in the country should be equipped with more laboratory equipment and students should have a chance to gain more clinical experience to help ease the shortage.

In 2005, the ration of men and women between 30 and 34 who remained unmarried was 12 percent and 7 percent, respectively, according to official figures.
合法宣布的 二〇〇六 年数码体现,在 30 至 34 岁人群中,有 12% 的男人未婚,有 七% 的女人未婚。


Zhang Fuhong, 39, a veterinarian who graduated from Shandong Agricultural University, started his professional career in 2012 and now owns a pet hospital in Liaocheng.

"For many, cohabitation is not a substitute for marriage but is a taste of married life to see whether they enjoy it or not. Roughly 60 percent of the survey respondents cohabit for no more than half a year, and then some break up," Shen said.
“对点不清人的话,同居并不是代表婚姻,而是对婚后活着的一种尝试和经验,看看本身是否乐在当中。约 五分三 的受访者同居不超过7个月,一些人在那事后就分手了。”沈可代表。

Owning a lovable, cuddly pet can unquestionably make one's home life better — and apparently, it can affect pet owners' professional lives as well. In fact, according to a new survey, people who have owned pets may be more professionally successful, and this is definitely good news for ambitious pet parents.

Up to 10,000 students graduate with majors in the field every year in China, but the country is still short more than 1 million vets, said Xiong Fuqiang, deputy Party chief ofNanjing Agricultural University's veterinary medicine school.

"We cannot make a conclusion currently whether some in the age group, especially those born between 1985 and 1989, are just postponing marriage or have given up on marriage. We'll try to find the answer through the follow-ups," said Shen Ke, associate professor from the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University and one of the research leaders.
“特定年龄段、越发是 1九八五 至 1九捌六年间出生的人,他们是希图延迟结婚,仍旧曾经抛弃了成婚的激情,对此大家还不能敲定。我们将在持续调查中间试验着去追寻答案。”本次侦察首领之一、浙大大学社会提高与公共政策高校的副教师沈可商讨。

“At Banfield Pet Hospital, we’ve long recognized the special bond between people and their pets, as well as the positive impact pets have on our society,” Brian Garish, president of Banfield Pet Hospital, said in a statement on Banfield's website. “From the pet ownership lessons we learned as children, to the ways our four-legged friends currently help us evolve, connect with others, and stay grounded, our latest research supports the notion we’ve had all along – that there may be a link between pets and their ability to help shape us as people.”

Zhao Yanbin, vice-president of the school, said more Chinese families are willing to spend money on their pets, including expensive medical treatment.

Nearly one in five men and one in eight women in the age group have never married, according to the survey conducted by the Center for Population and Development Policy Studies at Fudan University and the university's Research Center for Dataology and Data Science. The survey followed 1,200 Shanghai residents born during those years and their families for the past eight years.
该调查由北大大学人口与进步政研中央以及数额正确研究中央共同倡导,追踪了 一,200 名捌零后新加坡居民及其家庭在过去捌年中的变动。结果展现,在八零后人群中,近五分之一(伍分之一) 的男人、近八分① (1贰.5%) 的女人,从未有过婚姻经历。


More students in China are choosing veterinary medicine as a career thanks to rising salaries and the growing demand for animal care, according to industry sources.

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Xiong said some veterinary medicine graduates don't end up providing direct medical services, instead opting for jobs as civil servants or veterinary medicine researchers, aggravating the country's shortage of veterinarians.

Cohabitation contributes to the fact that people are getting married late, according to the survey report.


Animals share more than 90 percent of the same diseases with people. They also have diabetes, heart disease and liver failure, he said. But Zhao said medical expenses for pets-which are subject to less regulation-can be double those for people.

Source: China Daily
Date: June 7, 2017

So, how exactly does pet ownership cause career success? Well, according to Banfield's research, executives reported that their pet helped teach them lessons like responsibility, creativity, empathy, discipline, and organization, which have all been invaluable in the business world.

A small pet hospital, which has fewer than 10 employees, can make more than 10 million yuan a year, he said. A pet hospital affiliated with our university receives at least 40 pets a day.

The survey also found 40 percent of those responding cohabitated before marriage, which used to be taboo in China, a country where people hold traditionally conservative attitudes toward sex.
该切磋还开掘,有 百分之四十的受访者明确婚前同居。在炎黄,人们对性爱还具有守旧一保险守态度,婚前同居也曾是件令人大忌的政工。

Among the C-suite executives (CEOs, etc.) surveyed, 93 percent grew with a pet in their home, with 78 percent claiming that growing up with a pet helped cause their career success as an adult. Interestingly, 83 percent of C-suite executives who participated said they grew up with a dog, 59 percent of them said they grew up with a cat, and 37 percent of them said they grew up with another kind of pet. (You're correct — these numbers do not add up. It would seem that many of the people interviewed grew up with multiple kinds of pets.)

Xiong said Nanjing, with 8 million people, had almost no pet hospitals before 2006, but now it has more than 100. He estimated the pet care market in China will keep increasing by 30 to 35 percent yearly.

More people born between 1980 and 1989 are remaining single.


Few students, especially female students, wanted to become vets in the past due to a heavy workload, low salary and bad working environment. But we have had good applicants in the past two years, and more than 60 percent of them are female.


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But what about people who grew up pet-less, but have adopted pets as adults? Luckily for those, the survey showed that current pet ownership can also help with professional success.

The number of pets in China has increased by 12 percent every year for 10 years, Beijing Youth Daily reported in March. China has become the world's third-largest pet market, just behind the United States and Japan, with the sales of supplies for dogs and cats reaching 172 billion yuan in 2016.

The survey was conducted by Kelton Global Research for Banfield Pet Hospital, according to?Fast Company. The researchers surveyed 857 adults in the United States with a variety of careers, as explained in the survey summary on Banfield's website.

It's not a very respectable job in many people's eyes, Zhang said. But it's very easy to find a job if you study to be a veterinarian.

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An MRI for pets can cost 2,500 to 3,000 yuan, while dialysis costs about 10,000 yuan.


Xin Wen contributed to this story.

Compared with doctors for people, veterinarians need to treat different kinds of animals and a wide variety of diseases, Xiong said. To some extent, they must have more professional knowledge and need more practice.

The demand for practitioners shows no signs of slowing.

He said that the average starting salary for veterinary graduates is 4,000 yuan a month, and in three years their earnings can surpass 10,000 yuan, higher than the salaries of many other majors.